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Profit from this year’s ball went to help the Russian Orthodox Lesna Monastery in Normandy, France and to raise funds to build a memorial in London to commemorate the centenary of the martyrdom of Russian Imperial Martyrs.


This year’s auction prizes:

Lot 1: A slot at Next H.R. Owen Millbrook Drive Day event.

Donor: HR OWEN arranged by Thomas Brady, Esq

Lot 2: Luxury ashtray customised with 900 Swarovski crystals. Hand made in Italy

Donor: Lux.Art www.luxartitaly.com 

Lot 3: Silver frame customised with 2372 Swarovski crystals. Hand made in Italy.

Donor: Lux.Art www.luxartitaly.com

Lot 4: One bottle of Noble V111 perfume by Clive Christian

Donor: Clive Christian

Lot 5: ‘RUSSIAN DREAMS’ by British abstract expressionist artist Ruth Azar.

Ruth’s artistic collaborations include Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing and Art Influencer, Hugo Rittson-Thomas. Her paintings are in the collection of HH Prince Dimitri Romanovich of Russia. Member of Penwith Gallery St. Ives.

Donor: Ruth Azar

Lot 6: ‘Light through a Keyhole’ by artist Veronika Olkhova.

Donor: Veronika Olkhova

Lot 7: Haircut, styling and manicure for a lady or manicure and pedicure for a gentlemen.

Donor: Sakurami

Lot 8: Meal for two with wine at Retsina Mousaka

Donor: Retsina Mousaka

Lot 9: Selection of Pavitra’s Most Exclusive Hand-made Ethically Sourced Raw Honey, 100% Natural Beeswax Candles and Olive Tree Wooden Honey Spoon.

Donor: Pavitra